Rack Gear
Rack Gear
Rack Gear
Pitch rack guide system

Rack Guide | Groove Type, Flat Type

Our multi-axial linear module is configured based on a standardized linear guide system, and such guide system is based on the guide baller that can transport heavy loads, precisely polished high-stiffness plain guide, and precisely processed rack guide, allowing high-speed, high-stiffness, high-precision, and straight motion.

Straight guide Straight guide

Groove type Flat type
Rack guide Rack guide Rack Gear Rack Gear
Plain guide Plain guide Rack Gear Rack Gear

Guide accuracy Guide accuracy

Straight guide for heavy loads is made of high-quality chrome molybdenum steel, and the roller contact area is treated with high-frequency heat at 58 ~ 60 HrC to ensure long life.
The guide/roller contact area and each surface are precisely polished to ensure smooth operation and high precision.
Rack Gear
Rack Gear

Rack Gear Quality Rack Gear Quality

Racks are available in various sizes to meet the application that the customer needs. Rack gears are hardened and polished for the application that requires high precision and high torque.
Gear type Gear grade Fp(mm)1) Fj(mm)2)
Precision processing ISO 1328 GRADE 7 0.05/1000 0/-0.02
Hardening and polishing ISO 1328 GRADE 6 0.03/1000 0/-0.02
1) Fp : Accumulative pitch error
2) Fj : Connection Pitch Error

Quality Management Quality Management

Standard products of SP SYSTEM ensure high quality, and all products undergo the process of extensive and strict quality testing prior to shipping.