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Smart Factory Solution

The Smart Factory utilizes ICT technology to integrate all aspects of the manufacturing process from planning to sales, and it means it is an intelligent factory that efficiently produces products. When building the Smart Factory, existing manufacturing processes and production equipment and processes must be computerized and automatized while a seamless integration of the various systems is essential. To successfully satisfy the customer needs and wants with the building of the Smart Factory and Digital Platform, strategic consulting as well as system connections/integration, solution and operation services are provided for an ‘End-to-End Total Service.’

  • Smart Factory
  • Digital Transform
  • Consulting
  • System Integration
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Smart Factory Solution

    • On-Premise & Cloud MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
    • EES(Equipment Engineering System)
    • IoT (Sensing Device, RFID, ESL)
  • Digital Transformation Solution

    • System Digitalization
    • Data Lake
    • Digital Twin(CPS:Cyber Physical System)
    • Artificial Intelligence
  • Consulting Service

    • ISP Consulting
    • Domain Consulting
    • IT Infra Consulting
    • Process innovation Consulting
  • SI Service

    • Solution Customizing
    • System Development and Integration
  • Q&M Service

    • System Operation Maintenance Management
    • Solution Upgrade
  • From order to delivery, it is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution for providing information and assisting with decision-making for comprehensive production and activity. A flexible solution system centered on parts that allows the addition or modification of necessary functions, additional building costs are reduced, and for strengthening data security, Cloud can also be used.

  • Various Web-based report screens such as Control Panel, Dashboard, Visualization, etc. are developed and supplied for standard UI framework for analyses and utilization of manufacturing data. Based on HTML5, Cross-Browsing, Cross-Platform are supported, and by eliminating the dependency among modules, expansion is made easy, and a flexible structure is composed.

  • Predictive maintenance systems for the equipments, the search for the optimal production process and other manufacture-specific AI services are easily developed and operated using the Dev/Ops Platform.

  • Real-time control, monitoring for the maximization of the equipments’ efficiency, as well as the services of Equipment Performance Tracking (EPT), Fault Detection & Classification (FDC), Recipe Management System (RMS) are provided for integrated management. Each service is modularized so that expansion is easy, and even if the Service Logic is modified, the Downtime is minimized for a non-stop system.

  • Through the interface between the equipment and the Smart Factory System (MES, EES, etc.) it is an integrated solution for the online server building of the equipment that is responsible for equipment control and operation.

  • A real-time return management solution that carries out returns and storages of Magazines, Carriers and other materials of the logistics warehouse and the automated factory, various functions are provided such as various return scenarios and the optimal route search, as well as real-time monitoring.

  • Paper labels are replaced by e-paper display, resulting in the providing of the IoT solution with the system and latest data.


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