SP Systems


Secondary Battery

Parts such as the Cap Assembly of middle and large-sized secondary batteries of various forms as well as the Bracket, Busbar, and other precision-press composing the lithium battery, and automobile press parts are produced, assembled and provided.

With long-time experience in the production of products and parts with technology and know-how, mold design and production, press manufacture, surface treatment and other Total Solutions are provided.

  • Mold Design/Production

    Press Sector

    • Thin Press Bending/Drawing Progressive Molds
    • High-speed Stamping Molds

    Mold Sector

    • Connector, Terminal Insert Molding Design
  • Press Manufacture
    • Automobile Parts
    • Injection Molding Parts
    • Parts for Secondary Batteries
  • Surface Treatment
    • Reel Plating → Press Manufacture
    • Press Manufacture → Reel Plating


  • Changwon Factory 3

    • 261 Jayumuyeok-6gil (Jedadongho, Bongam-dong), Masanhoewon-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsang Nam-do, Republic of Korea
    • +82-55-295-6741
    • +82-55-295-6744